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Integrative Counseling Services

Combining Research With Clinical Practice To Support You In Recovery
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Assessment Services
ICS offers adolescent and adult evaluations as well as DUI assessments to determine an individual’s involvement with alcohol and drugs. We conduct a full biopsychosocial assessment that integrates research and clinical practice to build a diagnosis, level of care placement, individualized treatment plan, and program evaluation.  Administration is approximately 90 minutes.  We provide all the necessary documentation to meet the needs of schools, courts, or other third party referrals.

Adolescent Outpatient

Individual and family counseling for youth struggling with substance abuse problems. Adolescent education sessions focus on motivation enhancement, relapse prevention skills, and the pharmacological effects of drugs and alcohol. Urine screens are periodically administered. Parent education sessions focus on risk and protective factors in adolescent development, effective parenting, healthy communication, and relapse signs.


Intensive Outpatient (IOP)

72 hour treatment program over the course of 12 weeks that includes individual and group therapy for chemically dependent adults with the goal of becoming abstinent from drugs and alcohol. Educational groups include up-to-date research about the neuroscience of addiction. The program also teaches cognitive and behavioral skills as well as principles of wellness to assist clients in living a sober life.

Outpatient (OP)

Individual and group therapy for adults requiring a less intensive level of care than IOP. Weekly and monthly groups cover topics such as relapse prevention, principles of wellness, and cognitive and behavioral skills to assist clients in living a sober life.

Deferred Prosecution
A two year, three phase treatment program for chemically dependent individuals who wish to enter treatment in lieu of being prosecuted for DUI charges.