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Combining Research With Clinical Practice To Support You In Recovery
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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I bring to the initial assessment?

(1) A photo ID (e.g. Driver's License, School ID, etc.)

(2) Your health insurance card and cash, check, or credit card to pay any applicable office copayment. If you don't have health insurance coverage, bring cash, check, or credit card to pay for the assessment.

(3) Contact information (phone & fax numbers and/or email addresses) for any involved third parties for coordination of care or for mandated reporting (e.g., psychiatrist, school counselor, attorney, probation officer, etc.)

(4) If you are legally mandated: To obtain a chemical dependency evaluation, please bring the following documentation to your appointment:

  • Police Report
  • Case Number
  • Driving Abstract - May be purchased at:
  • Defendant Case History (May be requested from the court)
  • BAC/Lab Results
  • Department of Licensing Documentation
  • Name & Contact Information for Attorney/Public Defender (Phone, Fax, Email)
  • Name & Contact Information for Probation Officer or Court (Phone & Fax) - If you do not wish to release information to the court at the time of your assessment, please be aware that this information is required before starting your program at ICS, if you would like your program to fulfill legal requirements.

I've been assessed at another agency, but I want to do treatment at ICS. Will you accept the evaluation I've already completed? 

The state of Washington requires that state-certified treatment agencies perform their own assessments for new clients. Bring along your evaluation summary & recommendations and we will consider the collateral information in determining your clinical needs.

My loved one (son/ daughter/ significant other/ family member) needs treatment, how do I proceed? 

If your loved one is willing to get evaluated for substance use, you may schedule an appointment for an assessment by contacting our office manager, Melissa, at (206) 216-5000 or

If you are a parent of an adolescent, please accompany your child to the assessment appointment in order to provide collateral information toward the evaluation as well as to participate in a brief family interview. Additionally, please bring contact information for any relevant third parties who may be involved in coordination of care or in mandated reporting (e.g., school counselor, attorney, probation officer, case manager, etc.)

If your loved one is not yet willing to get evaluated for substance use, you may schedule an individual session for yourself or a family session for other concerned family members in order to explore options as well as receive education and support in navigating the relational impact of substance use.

Can I set up treatment that fits my work schedule? 

ICS currently offers group sessions Monday through Friday, with options for day or evening groups. We do our best to accommodate your individual scheduling needs; however, placement in groups is based upon space availability as well as your clinical needs.


What is a group session like?

Group sessions are facilitated by staff counselors and typically involve 7-12 clients of mixed genders, orientations, ethnicities, and ages. The counselor guides group members through a dialogue that addresses relevant issues, incorporating therapeutic processes, addiction education, relapse prevention, and mindfulness skill development. 

Do you accept clients taking Suboxone or Antabuse? 

Yes. You may attend treatment at ICS while taking Suboxone or Antabuse; however, ICS will need to coordinate care with your provider as we do not dispense or prescribe medications.

Do you provide medications for detoxification or mental health purposes?

No. Our staff is not authorized to dispense medications; however, we can coordinate care with your primary care physician or psychiatrist.

If you have any further questions, please contact our Office Manager at 206.216.5000.