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Combining Research With Clinical Practice To Support You In Recovery
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Scott Reding MA, CDP, LMHC


My approach to the counseling relationship:


My name is Scott Reding and I'm licensed in the State of Washington as a Chemical Dependency Professional and a Mental Health Counselor.  I emphasize safety, trust, and collaboration in the counseling process and believe wholeheartedly that recovery is possible for my clients. My framework for understanding addiction is based on current research in the neuroscience of relapse and recovery. After many years and thousands of hours of clinical practice, my interventions include the Rogerian approach, Motivational Interviewing, Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention, Family Systems theory, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.  Practically speaking, I am particularly adept at helping clients identify and develop skills for working with emotional discomfort as well as unhelpful thoughts and thought patterns.  If we work together, I will talk about committed action, particularly as it relates to incorporating self-care and wellness strategies to create a multi-dimensional relapse prevention plan. This approach is not a quick-fix solution, but rather a process of healing that addresses physical, emotional, and relational challenges that support the recovery process. I am deeply committed to my clients and endeavor to practice with both high warmth and clear boundaries. I have completed advanced training in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), which is a technique that can be used to facilitate healing for clients dealing with sexual, physical, and emotional trauma.



In 1998, I graduated from the Business Honors College at Arizona State University where I also minored in Women's Studies.  In 2003, I completed a Master's degree in Community Counseling from Eastern Michigan University. 

Tidbits About Scott:

I've been married for nearly 20 the same person.  I also have 2 adolescent children that I love dearly. I enjoy hitting golf balls, dancing, and being active outdoors, but my favorite hobby is sitting in a very hot sauna. 

Contact Scott:

206.216.5000 ext. 103

(If you are interested in setting up an appointment please contact the ICS Office Manager)