About ics

Trust & Discretion

Every member of the ICS team is compassionate, skilled, and maintains a deep commitment to professional ethics and confidentiality. We are proud of our reputation in the community and are known for our integrity. We value relationships—with you and with the people who want to aid in your recovery.

Private Practice Quality in a Community Agency Setting

The moment you step into our relaxed and welcoming Fremont office, you’ll sense the ICS difference. ICS strives to create a program that offers the quality of a private practice intervention with the accessibility of a community agency.  We offer convenient office hours, a décor that reflects our fun-loving spirit, as well as an experienced clinical staff with dual certifications in addiction and mental health counseling.  At ICS, we promise to treat you with respect and compassion and to provide you with a supportive, individualized experience.

Licensed and Highly Respected

Our master’s-level counselors are CDP-licensed addiction professionals in the state of Washington.

We’ve differentiated ourselves by providing highly individualized care by providers with dual certification in both mental health and addiction counseling.  You can feel confident knowing that ICS’s trained and highly skilled staff deliver a treatment program and curriculum backed by proven, evidenced-based research.

Collaborative Support

At ICS, our goal is to ensure nobody “falls through the cracks” in a sometimes-complicated system. To that end, we staff the agency sufficiently so we can focus on each individual and give them the concentrated focus they deserve. Our team works as a collaborative unit, with tools in place to track client progress and needs, ensuring we deliver the highest quality of care.

Recovery Advocate


Unique to ICS is our Recovery Advocate approach, which includes the following services to help you navigate treatment:

  • ensure follow-up on any of your missed appointments;
  • help you navigate insurance or payment issues;
  • coordinate with your psychiatrist, physician, attorney, or employer;
  • help you bridge the gap between outpatient and residential care, if needed;
  • offer guidance on next steps as you progress in your recovery journey.
“For almost 10 years the ICS staff have provided support, compassion and tough love (as needed). My sober life is possible only with their guidance and assistance.”
— Rick