ICS was founded with an intent to provide a skillful, supportive, and accessible community behavioral health agency. Our team of licensed professionals and support staff work diligently to provide high-quality, coordinated outpatient clinical care in a welcoming and laid-back environment.


Scott Reding

Executive Director, LMHC, CDP, trained in EMDR

Founded ICS in 2007


BS in Business Management (minor in Women’s Studies); Master’s degree in Counseling



I’ve always been naturally curious about wellness and felt intrinsically motivated to learn about, and practice, various activities that are both healthy and make me feel good. Becoming a professional counselor has been a natural extension of this personal process. I’ve worked in community substance use disorder (SUD) and mental health treatment since 2003.

At ICS, I conduct assessments as well as provide individual, family, and group counseling treatment services. I also provide clinical supervision to ICS staff and am responsible for overseeing clinical, administrative, and operational processes.

My approach to providing care is talk-centered and utilizes National Institute on Drug Abuse-based addiction research, developmental and family systems theories, cognitive and behavioral techniques, motivational enhancement therapy, and the Rogerian approach. Because alcohol and other drugs change the structure and function of the brain, I’m an avid proponent of activities that optimize the brain and promote healing. It's common for me to talk about the brain as well as strategies that encourage neuroplasticity and cue extinction. I am trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and have found this technique to be a helpful catalyst in the recovery process, especially for individuals suffering from PTSD-related symptoms. 

I find it rewarding to work in a career that allows me to support others via a confidential helping relationship. Founding a community behavioral health agency and participating in its growth and development is a pursuit that I consider to be the highest form of personal expression for me.  

Rock-star Attributes:

Clients say that Scott makes them feel safe and supported—they trust him as a reliable and ethical person, and find him to be a knowledgeable, experienced, and skillful clinician.  As ICS’s executive director, Scott brings energy, passion, and focus to the team as well as a mild obsession with process improvement, efficiency, and simplification. 


Dennis Grove

Counselor, LMHC, CDPT, Advanced Training in Experiential Learning

Joined the ICS team in 2015


BS in Psychology from California State University, Fresno; Master’s degree in Marriage, Family, Child Counseling from California State University, Fresno


I was inspired to become a counselor in 1991 while learning to climb in Yosemite National Park. Moved by my own experiences, I wanted to guide others to push past perceived limitations, obstacles, and fear in order to live a big and meaningful life.

In my role at ICS, I bring more than 20 years of experience treating substance use and mental health disorders. My clinical experience has taken place in hospitals, inpatient treatment centers, residential treatment facilities, and outpatient clinics. I am skilled at treating addictions, eating disorders, and co-occurring mental health illness in both teens and adults via individual, family, and group counseling.

Since 1992, I have been interested in creating experiential activities which build skillful actions in difficult situations. I approach learning through evidence-based, experiential Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Cognitive Remediation Therapy (CRT) and believe in the value of exposure and practice to build competence.

I know that change is difficult, progress is often uneven, and that connection and small, committed actions build recovery. My toolkit contains a wide variety of methods, including music, art, and collaborative group activities. When someone is encouraged and supported in becoming their best self, it results in the greatest long-term impact to a person and their family, relationships, community, and culture.

Rock-star Attributes:

Dennis is known for his creativity, compassion, authenticity, and humor while providing the highest quality of care and service. Clients say that he is genuine, compassionate, and a skilled communicator.


Ashley Floyd

Counselor, CDP, LMHCA

Joined the ICS team in 2014


BS in Psychology (minor in Biology) from Washington State University; Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from the Leadership Institute of Seattle



I have worked in the addiction and recovery field since 2011, in both outpatient and inpatient facilities. A healthy recovery journey integrates the mental, physical, spiritual, emotional, and social health of the individual. I believe that people have the innate capacity to achieve their full potential and can benefit from learning how to access their own ability to self-heal and being connected to resources and support. Witnessing pain and suffering—and the great potential for healing and resiliency—motivates me to encourage and support others through my role as a counselor. 

At ICS, I lead evening group sessions, co-facilitate afternoon group sessions, and conduct assessments, individual sessions, and family therapy. I utilize a variety of treatment modalities and techniques drawing from Family Systems Theory, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, mindfulness, and the neuroscience of addiction. I focus on developing a therapist-client relationship that allows for personal growth and development by creatively and gracefully exploring what best supports the healing process for each individual. I strive to provide a safe and empathetic environment to collaboratively work on goals developed specifically to meet each individual's needs.

Rock-star Attributes:

Ashley works collaboratively and enthusiastically with her colleagues to enable healing of individuals, their families, friends, communities, and humanity as a whole. When not at work, she enjoys painting, crafting, cooking nutritious food, and being in nature—gardening, hiking, and picking huckleberries.


Emily Beeson

Counselor/Patient Navigator, CDPT

Joined the ICS team in 2016


BA in Psychology from The New School; Master’s degree in Clinical Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling from Thomas University



I strongly believe in providing holistic alternatives for clients who are currently interested in living their best lives. As a clinician, I conduct assessments, co-facilitate group therapy, and see clients on an individual basis. I also specialize in providing re-engagement services to clients who have preemptively left treatment as well as coordinating inpatient referrals for ICS clients that are in need of medical detoxification and residential treatment.

Having worked in a wide variety of settings, I am aware of how fortunate I am to love my job.

After graduating from college, I traveled extensively for several years, teaching yoga and studying nutrition. I helped found a program in South Georgia called HOPE: Helping Oncology Patients Exercise.

Rock-star Attributes:

Emily is a skillful clinician with a bold, colorful style and playful sense of humor. Emily has a nearly photographic memory and utilizes her incredible attention for detail to provide clinical case management services to ICS clients throughout the treatment process. It’s worth noting that Emily’s enamel pin collection is legendary.    



Melissa Larkin

Billing Manager

Joined the ICS team in 2012


BA in Social Entrepreneurship (minor in Spanish) from Belmont University



I am ICS’s “go-to” person for billing, insurance, and program information. I am aware of how difficult it can be to initiate and pursue personal transformation. I am proud and grateful to be part of a team that seeks to provide a positive, engaging environment where all feel welcome and valued. I’m passionate about helping clients understand insurance, how to pay for treatment, and the process for accessing treatment. I am available to discuss how to sign up for insurance coverage, interpret insurance benefits, anticipate treatment costs, and/or set up a payment plan. I’m also happy to answer any questions you may have about our program model and available treatment options.

Rock-star Attributes:

Melissa is the cornerstone of our administrative operation at ICS. She’s dedicated, loyal, and committed to the mission of delivering outstanding behavioral health care. She is supportive of our clients, our staff, and to the cause of recovery. She's annoyingly passionate about data accuracy, '90s pop music, and is the resident expert in all things Bruce Springsteen. 


cheri beavers

Administrative Professional

Joined the ICS team in 2019


BA in Public Administration from UCLA; Masters in Social Welfare from UCLA


I have been committed to working with individuals in recovery for the last decade. It is a passion of mine to ensure clients have ease of access to care. I believe that professional support makes all the difference while navigating the needed resources for success in sobriety. I am motivated to help clients as they travel on their journey to healthy living. I chose this position because I believe in the work being done here at ICS and am passionate about engaging and serving my community.

Rock-star Attributes:

Cheri is available to assist you with any administrative needs you encounter throughout your time at ICS including setting up assessments, scheduling appointments, accepting payments, and handling paperwork requests.

We utilize our custom-designed, in-house recovery advocate approach to ensure that clients and staff feel respected, supported, and encouraged. Our goal is constant improvement and continued growth.

Emails are responded to promptly, and if we’re not in the office, your call will be returned in a timely manner. We invite you to learn more about our services, how to get started, and commonly asked questions.

We're looking forward to hearing from you.

Photography credit: Jessica Keener